Campaign coalition

Mayors, workers, unions, transport authorities, regulators and civil society partners all call on national governments to collectively double public transport journeys in cities by 2030 and advance a just transition to zero-emissions public transport, if they are to meet their climate goals and limit global heating to 1.5ยฐC.

Download the coalition statement below (PDF)
Download the coalition statement below (PDF)

โ€œWe need to give everyone access to public transport if weโ€™re going to stop the climate crisisโ€

The Future Is Public Transport Coalition

The joint statement call on world leaders to ensure that:

  • Everyone living in urban areas has safe, frequent, affordable and accessible public transport within a 10 minute walk from their home.

  • Investment in public transport is made a priority for national economic recovery plans, and for increasing public transport mode share to be made a key goal in climate plans.

  • $208 billion a year is invested every year this decade to deliver the transformation to improve, expand and electrify public transport for the nearly 100 C40 cities that together contribute to 25% of the global economy.

  • Emissions have to reduce drastically now. Transport is responsible for a quarter of CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels.

  • The improvement, expansion and de-carbonisation of public transport is one of the most immediate and powerful levers we have to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable, long-term investment in public transport will also create and maintain decent jobs, access to work and a better health and quality of life for all in a post-pandemic world.

Click the image above to download the campaign statement kit
Click the image above to download the campaign statement kit
Download the statement kit